As The Snowflakes Fell

As The Snowflakes Fell

A familiar mountain stood before me.
It beckoned me to spend the day
Surrounded by its beauty.
A quiet voice asked me to stay
As the snowflakes fell.

The evergreens stood tall above me.
They fragrance the air with pine
And guided my long journey
A higher, steeped path to climb
As the snowflakes fell.

The snow tumbled from the cloudy sky
It kissed my red and frosty cheeks

While placing diamond in my hair.
The soft, white silence made me weak
As the snowflakes fell.

A white cloaked mountain gleamed before me.
It challenged me to embrace the day
Surrounded by its danger.
I’ve been here before, I could not stay
Because the snowflakes fell.

Nita Oard
December 8, 2015.
Revised, December 22, 2015
All rights reserved.

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