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Vampyre Mike Kassel

Zeitgeist Press Poetry Vampyre Mike Kassel

“I bought in on the ground floor
Right before the bottom fell out
So meet me at the bottom
And bring me my runnin’shoes.”
– excerpt from Going for the Low Blow

“…the rightful heir to the mantle of Charles Adams”
-Inland Books

The creator of “anti-normal wonder”
-Scavenger Newsletter

Vampyre Mike Kassel was a poet, musician, songwriter, and playwright. He resided in San Francisco after having been run out of Boston for crimes against normalcy. He held the S. F. record for most times evicted. He liked sincere girls who didn’t wear too much makeup and who put out on the first date.

M.A. Kassel wrote, published, and performed enthusiastically in the San Francisco poetry and music scene for decades. He died in 2008, and will be mourned by many women and several cats.


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