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q. r. hand, jr.

Zeitgeist Press Poetry q. r. hand, jr.q. r. hand is a community mental health worker who lives and works in the mission district of san francisco and for a long time who at the age of 32 left new york city for the west coast who works with reginald lockctt brian auerbach lewis jordan (on sax too) word wind chorus who perform poetry with jazz sound with music urban rhythms who has published poems in various journals, periodicals whose i speak to the poet in man is out of print who likes to make note books of line drawings was on audio tapes produced by aiejandro murgia native tongues and don paul of rebel poets collaborated with a team of writers and performers in developing a produced in oakland junebug jabbo jones the third of john oneal’s mythical black monologues of movin from country to bright lights big city (ain’t no use in goin home) and all that trash called history (in a personage) of bright black eyes which miss nuthin which is too bad freed southern theatered serials something’s got you by the noticin what’s the embodiment of changes you gotta play here or die here hear lucky there’s a lotta music dare too here if there really ain’t no enemy out there my eyes cant see ain’t these americans
we all free to be as we can
lords and ladies in the streets we be in
buildin on facts in all the sounds happenin
q. r. ‘s a Capricorn jan 37 brooklyn


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