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Eliot Schain

Zeitgeist Press Poetry Eliot Schain

“Eliot Schain is a treasure-a poet with a sharp edge and a broad canvass. Some artists have irony, some have vision; Schain has both, and tests them against each other with fire and wit. The results are wild, beautiful, and necessary.”
-D. Nurkse

Eliot Schain’s poems have appeared in American Poetry Review and Ploughshares, among others, and his chapbook American Romance was published by Zeitgeist Press. He is a former program director for the Poetry Society of America, as well as the Beat ‘N Path Café in Hoboken, NJ and Arts Benicia in Benicia, CA. He has also served as poetry editor for Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Prose and received his M.EA. from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. He currently teaches American Studies in Martinez, CA and lives in Berkeley with his wife and two children.


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