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David P. Gollub

David P. Gollub was born. After being overeducated at a couple of major universities. he became underemployed in a technical library. He began to write poetry seriously in 1974 in Palo Alto, where David Lerner, also a Zeitgeist Press poet, helped him get his first publications.

After a hiatus, he arrived at the Old Spaghetti Factory’s s open poetry reading in North Beach, San Francisco, on April 7, 1983. This was the birthday of Billie Holiday, who proved to be his Muse. His first book was the poem cycle Beans and Rice, Chicken Soup, and Lady In My Heart Singing: Billie Holiday Poems. He has also self published the anthologies Nel Mezzo and Outside the Words.

He has had something to do with the Cafe Babar poetry readings in the Mission, San Francisco, and with Bull Horn magazine and some of its predecessors.


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