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We encourage you to do everything humanly possible to get your poetry work into the world, readings, publishing, get up on pool tables in bars and recite. Zeitgeist is dedicated to locating and publishing great poetry that is consistent with its vision and aspirations for the world (see About Us).

We’re still working to do justice to the existing Zeitgeist authors, and to keep their best works in print. It takes all our time and energy.

Nonetheless, we do read manuscripts, only once a year, in August of each year. There are too many inquiries to allow us even to respond to inquiries or submissions beyond that.

Please don’t send anything, except at that time. Manuscripts received at that time will be reviewed. Material received otherwise cannot be.

We do have one additional requirement. Please buy and read at least one of our books prior to submitting or inquiring about your manuscript. This gives us a common frame of reference. Tell us what Zeitgeist book you read, and what you thought about it.